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Action Categories

All items in the list above will give an action that falls into one of these categories.


This application aims to help you determine how you should be disposing of specific items. In seconds, from your computer or mobile device, you can search for your item and get a definitive answer.

Enter your item in the search bar above the table.

The table will magically filter on-the-fly as you type!

Quickly locate your item and find out what action to take.

Can't find your item? let us know so we can add it to the list.

More Resources

Waste Collection Boundaries

The City of Guelph has multiple waste collection days depending on your location. Find your waste collection day on this map by entering your address.

Collection Boundaries Map

PDF Detailed Sorting list

You can also view the original detailed sorting list as a PDF. Feel free to print this list for your reference, and post it on your fridge or in the office.

PDF Detailed Sorting list

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